Madison United Soccer Association

Mission: The purpose of Madison United Soccer Association (MUSA) is to afford the children of Madison County an opportunity to participate in and learn the game of soccer.   Through this, we aim to teach discipline, sportsmanship, and team play, as well as create a general love for the game.

Purpose:  This is a parent created and operated youth sports league.  It uses the team sport of soccer to create a positive nurturing environment in which local youth learn life lessons that will enable them to be successful adults.

History:  Originally formed as Madison County Youth Soccer Association (MCYSA) in the mid 1970’s. The club is a founding member of the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association (KYSA) in 1979. The league averaged 250 youth playing per year until the early 1990’s. At that time all games and practices were held at local schools. The league began to play in the Lake Reba Complex upon its development in 1993.  By the late 1990’s MCYSA had approximately 600 youth players per year. In 2004 MCYSA became a registered Non-Profit Organization named of Madison United Soccer Association (MUSA).  Since the turn of the century we have grown to averaging 1,000 youth per year.