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Posted Jul 23, 2018

Madison United Soccer Association Select/Academy


 It is the mission of MUSA Select/Academy to develop and retain youth soccer players by instilling a love for the game, technical proficiency and a tactical understanding as well as reinforcing the values of leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork at the recreation, academy and select level

Goals of Academy Program

  • Develop the basis for a lifelong love of the game in players
  • Develop technically proficient individual players (tactics should come later)
  • Prepare young players for the expectations of select level training and develop good training habits
  • Begin to instill core values of teamwork and sportsmanship

Managing players in training is a key factor in this age group.  Running training sessions that have a low player to coach ratio will allow technical teaching vs.incorrect technical repetition.  Making sure that players enjoy training but start to develop habits of training in a structured environment is very important for continued development.  Players must enjoy training while being challenged and learning structure.  Age group and skill level placement may be important, as well as grouping players by 1st year or 2nd year of involvement.


Goals of Select Program

  • Develop teams that are competitive on a statewide and regional level
  • Continue to focus on individual player development while furthering knowledge of team tactics
  • Provide more local training opportunities to challenge individual players
  • Increase playing opportunities for teams and individual players

Proper technical repetition must be the focus of the vast majority of training in the ages of 9-12.  Games should be seen as opportunities to teach tactics and look at ‘big picture’ topics such as shape, runs and team defending.  Winning begins to be important, but not at the expense of individual technical development.  At ages 13+, training begins to take on a more tactical nature and winning begins to take on more eaning.  Players must be training more than twice per week from 9+ yrs of age.

  Current Fee Structure for 2017-2018 PLAYER FEE Academy $525 Select Full Season
$725 Select Spring Season Only
There are TWO fees that everybody will need to pay. There is a CLUB YEARLY fee ($525 for academy and $725/$500 for select) and a TEAM SEASONAL fee (TBD).

First the CLUB YEARLY FEE (no refunds unless approved by the MUSA President): 
  All yearly select players (spring only players see below) will pay $725 for the 2017-2018 season.  Families should be able to pay this via credit card when registering the child.  This fee can be paid in installments.  The club yearly fee helps pay for the following: KYSA fee, KSSL fee, referee fee, field quality, coaching supplies, coaching travel, coaching salary and more.     All academy players will pay $525 for the 2017-2018 season. Families should be able to pay this via credit card.  This fee can be paid in automatic installments. The club yearly fee helps pay for the following: KYSA fee, referee fee, field quality, coaching supplies, coaching travel, coaching salary and more. 

Second, the TEAM SEASONAL FEE:  The team fee is based upon team activities.  Families can expect this fee to about $100-$200 each season.  This fee includes things like tournament fees, hotel costs for coaches, end of year celebration expenses, and extra training. This fee can also be paid in two installments to your team manager.  It must be paid via check to the team. The Academy team will probably have very little team seasonal fees (unless they decide to attend a tournament).   
  Select players who only play in the spring season will play $500 plus any seasonal fee (tournaments, etc). 

MUSA strives to keep costs down for all families.  Our fees are drastically less than most larger clubs in Central KY.  Players for some larger clubs in central KY pay about $1000 in club yearly fees and over $800 in team fees per year.  When combined with time/travel to games and training, MUSA is easily 50% less than other central KY clubs. 

MUSA offers various fundraising opportunities. Cost should never prevent a child from playing. 
*In addition to the MUSA fees, all players must purchase a uniform and training kit.

Players who register for MUSA and wish to transfer to another club in the middle of a seasonal year (Fall to Spring) must have their yearly fee paid in full before being considered for a release to another club.       Forms! Each new player will need to submit TWO FORMS to their team manager.  These forms are ESSENTIAL for games.  If the FORMS are not turned in, your child will not be able to play in any game.  These FORMS must be turned in by July 15.  You will give them to your team manager.



Medical Release form is first. Please print this off and fill it out.  The tricky thing about this FORM is that it must be notarized.  You’d be surprised to see who is a notary public.  Your team manager probably knows of one that is either on the team or would help sign the release FORMS.  This FORM is required to be filled out every year.  All players need to fill this FORM out regardless if they played last year or not. 



Second is a copy of the birth certificate.  Returning players probably do not turn this one in (unless your team manager lost, returned, or destroyed it.  The copy doesn’t need to be certified.  Just a copy – plain and simple. This can now be done during the process of registering the player.



Medical Release and Birth Certificates are due to your team manager! 

Without them, your child cannot play.